News Release!

Excel Program Inventions wins AS/400 Technology Showcase Product Excellence Award for TARGET/400.

IBM Winner.pos.gif (16563 bytes)    San Francisco, March 7, 1999. Excel Program Invention's TARGET/400 has been voted Best Product in the Migration category in the 1999 AS/400 Technology Showcase Product Excellence Awards recognition program. The award was received at a reception hosted by Midrange Computing in San Francisco on March 7, 1999. An online voting process was used that was open to over 50,000 registered subscribers of AS/400 Technology Showcase magazine. Winners were selected based upon the highest vote totals received in each of the 45 hardware and software categories.

    Over 250 vendor representatives attended the Product Excellence Awards reception hosted by Midrange Computing in the View Lounge, on the 39th floor of the San Francisco Marriott.

    "Being voted as the best product in the migration category is truly significant as it reflects the opinions and judgments of a very critical audience - AS/400 end users," said David Uptmor, Publisher of AS/400 Technology Showcase and Midrange Computing. "By winning a Product Excellence Award, Excel Program Inventions has let the AS/400 marketplace know that it is a company that cares about its customers, and cares about delivering value to the business community."

    In accepting the award, Excel Program Inventions thanked customers for their support and reaffirmed it's commitment to them by pledging to maintain the same level of customer satisfaction in the future.

AS/400 Technology Showcase magazine is the leading U.S.A product magazine in the AS/400 Arena. A special editorial section featuring the winners of the Product Excellence Awards will appear in the June issue of AS/400 Technology Showcase magazine. A complete list of winners can be viewed on line at .